Friday the 13th: The Film Franchise

Jul 22

[NEW LIST] - Top 3 Best Death Scenes Of Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood -

Feb 04

Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 Video Store Promotional Calendar -

Feb 03

Upcoming Fan Film: 'Friday The 13th: The Curse Of Jason' -

SuperBowl Ad Has Jason Voorhees Interested In RadioShack 3D Printer -

Jan 31

Top Influential Scenes Of Friday The 13th (1980) -

The Prophet of Doom, The Prankster and The Virgin Heroine are all prototypical characters that are on display in Friday the 13th. The secluded setting of the film and the eerie instrumental score all lent to the creepy and tense moments in the film. Along with these elements, Friday the 13th also included some much needed moments of humor and sincere interaction…. Read More

Jan 10

Friday The 13th 2009 Script 'Sides' Reveal Lost Scenes -

Every film has scenes that are removed or edited down for either censorship reasons or to reduce runtime of a the feature. Some of the scenes that are removed might have added something more to the film that would have either had plot points….

Dec 26

Jason Voorhees Part 2 Still Haunting New Jersey -

One Jason Voorhees actor is highly sought after for appearances and that is the non-credited Jason from Friday The 13th Part 2, Steve Dash. The story is well known by now, but for those who do not know, Steve was not credited as Jason in Part 2, but merely as a stunt double for Warrington Gillette, who was given credit for the role of the maniacal killer. It was later learned in the early to mid 2000’s that Steve Dash portrayed —> Read More

Mar 18

Winner Chosen For Part 5 Replica Hockey Mask -

It has been a long couple of weeks since we announced our newest contest to win a replica Friday The 13th: A New Beginning hockey mask, courtesy of fan Adam Wilson. Our simple contest helped bring in a lot of entries and included many more fans in the opportunity to win a great part…


Mar 16

Behind The Scenes: Ginny Discovers Crazy Ralph In Part 2 -

teel has been surprising her loyal fans with a treasure of never before seen items from her experience on Friday The 13th Part 2. She recently has begun posting some great behind the scenes images from her location shooting on her Facebook….


Mar 15

Recap: Friday The 13th Creator Headlines Monster Man On SyFy -

We reported a few weeks ago that Friday The 13th film franchise creator and Director Sean Cunningham was going to be making an appearance on SyFy Channel’s new reality movie effects show Monster Man. The show would follow the exploits of SOTA FX and monster…